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* Sometimes (by which I mean "this has never happened before, ever" -- going by my LJ archive I have posted least once a month since January 2006. Except July 2009, for some reason) I don't post a single entry for three months. What is up with that? It also makes it kind of awkward to start over!

* Sometimes I also don't comment on any entries whatsoever on my flist/dwircle (I hear that's what the cool kids are calling it nowadays?), even though I read them all. Fail, Q, fail.

* Sometimes... Okay, I am going to stop it with the "sometimes" thing now, what. Anyway. Lately I have been getting into the whole CKR thing in a serious way. Which mostly means watching CKR stuff other than Due South. In the last month or so I have watched a lot of CKR movies. Several of which were, of course, actually really, really good (Hard Core Logo! Wilby Wonderful! Last Night!).

* Way late to the party: Olympics! Yay Canada! (You'd think I'd be bitter about things like Sweden's hockey fail, for example, and I am, sort of -- it would've been nice to see them get, say, the silver? But YAY CANADA so whatever. XD)

* I have a grand total of 37 days to decide whether I want to keep studying this fall, and what, in that case. Which basically means this is the point where I ought to pick a career and stick with it. In just over a month? Er, yes. I've been trying to reach some kind of decision for a couple of years now, I'm just not entirely sure I'm gonna be having any more luck in the next month.

* Speaking of school things, I have two exams in less than three weeks. I have barely started studying for them. This could be a problem, perhaps? Oh well. Today, I've planned stuff. Basically my plan goes like this: "Read two chapters/articles a day and take notes." So it's not very complicated. Except apparently it is? Because "a day" included today, and did I read two chapters/articles and take notes? No, I did not.

* I want a new LJ layout. And a new DW layout. Hmmm. *ponders*

I think that's it? Perhaps I should go read those two chapters now. Or sleep, or listen to more Hockey AU podfic.
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