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Because Twitter's been doing it and I like nail polish, I will also post lots of pictures of nail polish yay!

This is not how I store my polish! Obviously, since I do occasionally sleep in that bed. But it is what it looks like when I've gotten all the polish out of the drawer where it usually lives and then sorted it by brand. I have 144 different polishes, plus backups of four of them, not counting topcoats and the like.

Various cheap dollar-store type brands. The three pink ones are numbered so I can tell my swatches apart, because they have no other names/numbers. Technically they, plus two of the Ztiz ones, belong to my mother.

The two on the top left also belong to my mother, as does the Misa in the bottom row. The purple Zoya is actually Ki, a green/purple duochrome. The small bottle that looks golden is a green/gold duochrome. The Rimmel is also a duochrome, green/blue. And obviously the dress-shape one is Nfu-Oh 51, which is a brilliant purple holo flake polish, not that you can tell from this picture.

The light blue in the top row is a beautiful sheer blue/purple duochrome. It looks great over black. The ones in the bottom rown with the cardboard sleeves are crackle polishes. The bronze and the grey in the bottom row are my two only frankens. One is a light grey creme, the other is a bronze shimmer that I mixed together when I wanted a Ravenclaw mani for the Deathly Hallows II premiere.

China Glaze and Orly! The orange China Glaze is Orange Marmalade, and the third from the right in the top row is Watermelon Rind, and they are glass fleck glitter and thus pretty much made of awesome. The silver one is OMG, I believe, and it's a holo, although you can't really tell from the picture.

The glitter polish that's third from the right in the bottom row is Mad as a Hatter (♥); next to that is Merry Midnight which is a purple flake/glitter polish and probably the best thing ever. (Not that you'd be able to tell from looking at how often I wear it. I should get on that.)

Nail art stuff! A regular nail art polish with a thin brush, plus Konad polishes in eight different colors. I also have 16 Konad plates but I didn't get any pictures of them. Because I was lazy. :D Oh, and I got the rhinestones off eBay years ago. I don't use any glue or anything for them, just a little dab of topcoat, place the rhinestone in it, and then a coat of topcoat over everything.

The most recent nail art-y mani I did was this one, I think. Which was in December. Obviously. Anyway, yay Konad yay rhinestones :D (Boo topcoat smuding Konad designs)

Finally, because playing with them was fun, polishes by color:

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