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What with yesterday being my dS anniversary, I read some fic. Fifteen different pairings, one fic each, to be precise. I was already considering posting a list of what I read, when [livejournal.com profile] andeincascade said "I'm dying to know what you read", so... Here it is.

Bear in mind that this is not a recs list. While I do love, and would recommend, a lot of the stories, there are a couple I would not, for various reasons.

Fifteen fics, under the cut! )
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Today is my dS anniversary! (Near as I can tell, at least - I keep track of these things largely through MSN message histories, and while the first mention of dS - due south is insane XD i'm not sure whether it's insane in a good way yet. but at least fraser has a deaf wolf. XD - was on June 18, I guess it's possible I watched it earlier than that.)

I've spent the day reading fic. I originally intended to read one new fic per pairing for my six favorite* pairings (F/K, F/V, K/V, F/K/V, Frannie/Welsh and Mike Sweeney/RayK :D), but ended up reading fifteen different pairings. Er. Oops? Oh well. Also, finding new fic for some of the pairings wasn't easy, especially Frannie/Welsh. So, anyone got any Frannie/Welsh recs?

Anyway, I could write a long post about this, but basically what it boils down to is this: I love both the show and the fandom (and related C6D-type media/fandoms!) a lot a lot! Yay! :D ♥

... Oh, and dS is kind of insane. Definitely in a good way, though. :D

*) F/V was my OTP for a while, back when I got into DS, but then I started reading K/V and F/K/V, and also watched the Kowalski seasons, and now I, um... mostly ship either Fraser or Vecchio (or both!) with Kowalski instead of which each other.
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Good: Only three weeks left of school, as of today. (Of this semester. Years to go after that. Which I am not thinking about right now la la la)

Bad: I have two essays due, two seminars and an exam before then.

Good: BSG. Which I started watching, quelle surprise, for CKR, but I find myself quite liking the show. ("Quite liking the show" may be somewhat of an understatement.)

Bad: I don't have time to watch enough of it! I want to just burn through the last two seasons right now, but what with aforementioned school stuff, and the fact that I'm watching it with [livejournal.com profile] maccadole, that is not really possible.

Good: New DS-type friends :D Hi! *waves*

Bad: I totally and completely forgot about the DS rewatch yesterday. Fail.
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Things. )
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So last night, I was watching Due South. Seeing Is Believing, because it is awesome.

I started capping random things a few minutes into it to send to [livejournal.com profile] maccadole, and ended up with twenty caps. 17 of which were of Ray (and two of Fraser, and one of Stella, but I digress). Uh, what happened there, anyway?

Oh right. This happened. (Non-spoilery unless you don't know what CKR looks like.) )
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Huh. Long time no see. I haven't posted for, what, two months? Awesome.

Um. I guess rl-wise the biggest thing that's going on right now is we're moving, in about three weeks. :D I am very excited about this.

As for fandom, I sort of went and got really into Due South. Oops? Also, I haven't seen the last two seasons yet, so no spoilers, plz. (Though fic has kind of taken care of that already. Not the point.)

Other stuff... I graduated. I still spend way too much money on perfume and stuff (waiting on a lab order and two decant circle packages right now \o/). I'm rewatching ER; I started on the third season yesterday. I'm going to IKEA tomorrow.

Um. Yeah.

Bye xp

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