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I can't sleep.

This is a problem, considering I need to get up in, oh, five hours. Also, tomorrow I have a full day of school (that's eight hours, plus two hours on buses), with discussions, phonetics quizzes, and the last grammar class before the test.

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Huh. Long time no see. I haven't posted for, what, two months? Awesome.

Um. I guess rl-wise the biggest thing that's going on right now is we're moving, in about three weeks. :D I am very excited about this.

As for fandom, I sort of went and got really into Due South. Oops? Also, I haven't seen the last two seasons yet, so no spoilers, plz. (Though fic has kind of taken care of that already. Not the point.)

Other stuff... I graduated. I still spend way too much money on perfume and stuff (waiting on a lab order and two decant circle packages right now \o/). I'm rewatching ER; I started on the third season yesterday. I'm going to IKEA tomorrow.

Um. Yeah.

Bye xp
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So I'm graduating tomorrow.

(I kinda really don't wanna.)
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Um, oops? Apparently I haven't posted in over a month. Right.

Right now, I'm... supposed to be studying for a math test, mostly. I'm also most likely doing a BPAL order soonish (aka tomorrow). And I should be applying to various universities and stuff, which, wtf. Oh, and yes. If everything goes as planned, I'll have my driver's licence by next Wednesday. The hell. That's just weird.

In other, less serious news (yes, BPAL counts as serious. Stfu xp): I've been playing a lot of Chip's Challenge lately. I love it XD I've been playing it on and off for years. I'm no good at it (seriously. I've never actually finished the game), but it's fun. I've also rewatched season 3 of HIMYM, all out of order. XD And some random eps from seasons 2 and 4 as well. And... I've caught up on Bones and House. Well, mostly.
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Okay, so I've been angsting about making a phonecall for about half an hour now (I hate phones. Well, mostly I hate calling people). And then when I finally do, the number's busy. XD Not cool.
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Wtf. So tomorrow's my birthday. I just. When did that happen?

Incidentally, I have an English test first thing tomorrow XD Yes. Awesome.
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Class party thing just ended. Started with the girls at six, then the guys joined us at eight. The last of them just left. It is now 4:40.

I love my class so much (so much), I don't want to graduate this spring, and the party was awesome.

Also two of the guys decided to walk home. That's about 50 minutes. XD I wonder if they'll make it. I guess I'll find out on Monday.

Now I'm off to bed, since hey, 4:40 and all.
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I was planning to do a meme roundup and post maybe three or four (I've been tagged for some stuff) at the same time, but I realized I, uh, probably won't. So I figure it might be best to post this right away.

So, last day of the happy meme:

* I just sorted through all my old Barbie(ish) dolls. They've been in the garage for years. Now I've picked out some of the nicest stuff to keep (mum says for when I have kids, I'm just happy I don't have to get rid of it all XD) and the rest, I'm selling. Which is pretty much all. I kept one of the dolls. There might be some more somewhere though. We're not sure. But yay, anyway! That's something I've been planning to do for kind of a long time.

* Seeing my classmates (well, the girls anyway) on Friday (so counts as today XD). That was nice.

* Fanfic. I've been reading a lot the last couple days, which, yay!

* Fall Out Boy. I've listened to Take This To Your Grave a lot recently. I never really liked that one before. It took a couple listens. Which, incidentally, I knew it would.

* My hair. :D I heart my hair. I don't even have to do anything to it after showering. If I just let it air dry it looks awesome. I've had it up a lot the last couple weeks, but after showering today, I figured, whatever, and now I have it down. Pretty :D
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The pics are crappy, I know. Oh well.

There is snow!

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