Jun. 18th, 2010

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Today is my dS anniversary! (Near as I can tell, at least - I keep track of these things largely through MSN message histories, and while the first mention of dS - due south is insane XD i'm not sure whether it's insane in a good way yet. but at least fraser has a deaf wolf. XD - was on June 18, I guess it's possible I watched it earlier than that.)

I've spent the day reading fic. I originally intended to read one new fic per pairing for my six favorite* pairings (F/K, F/V, K/V, F/K/V, Frannie/Welsh and Mike Sweeney/RayK :D), but ended up reading fifteen different pairings. Er. Oops? Oh well. Also, finding new fic for some of the pairings wasn't easy, especially Frannie/Welsh. So, anyone got any Frannie/Welsh recs?

Anyway, I could write a long post about this, but basically what it boils down to is this: I love both the show and the fandom (and related C6D-type media/fandoms!) a lot a lot! Yay! :D ♥

... Oh, and dS is kind of insane. Definitely in a good way, though. :D

*) F/V was my OTP for a while, back when I got into DS, but then I started reading K/V and F/K/V, and also watched the Kowalski seasons, and now I, um... mostly ship either Fraser or Vecchio (or both!) with Kowalski instead of which each other.

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